Mantra Getting Started

Getting started using a mantra can be easy. Start by choosing which aspect of your life you wish to improve or some  problem you would like to solve or resolve. Offer a prayer to God, in whatever way you relate to God. Ask for God’s blessing in accomplishing your objective.

Once you have decided to undertake the discipline of using a mantra for meditation and offered your prayers,find a quiet and comfortable place where you will say your mantra ( once a day or several times each day). A Japa Mala or Rosary works well with most mantras.  Spend each day saying your mantra. It can be five minutes, ten minutes, twenty minutes or even an hour.  If it’s your first time I suggest no longer than 20 minutes.

Remember you are not making a wish, you are asking God for help/guidance in improving something in your life or surroundings.

what is a mantra CLICK HERE for details


10 thoughts on “Mantra Getting Started

  1. Hello I’m catching up on some late blog hopping from Katherines Corner. I enjoy your blog and I often find a mantra helps me get through tough times or difficult tasks I am trying to perform. For example when I go out running, it can sometimes be really tough, so I will often use my mantra to get me up the hill. It’s a simple mantra “You can do it”. TFS.

    1. Hello Chris thank you for hopping over from my other blog Katherine Corner. I think your mantra is perfect. Be Well

  2. I wish we had more people out there who could be more peaceful. I respect others space and do not intrude but I have neighbors who love to irritate me and let kids ride constantly up and down the road in front of my house on 4 wheelers, motorcycles and dirt bikes. My nerves shatter into a million pieces and I will be so glad when winter gets here so I can once again enjoy my peace! New follower thru RSS Reader and would love a follow back when you get the chance. Thanks and have a wonderful day.


    1. Mary my friend you are a perfect candidate for meditation. When these things begin to both you please take a moment and breathe. Perhaps you can benefit from my video. It is posted HERE

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