Be Kind To Our Mother

At our home we do what we can to recycle, up-cycle and re-purpose everything we can. It can be challenging at times.I’m sharing some helpful information with you today to help you in your efforts to treat Mother earth kindly.

We all know about aluminum, paper and plastic recycling. But when it comes to things like household items, batteries, carpeting or electronics, etc it helps to know where to go.

Batteries- Are hazardous, they are filled with lead and toxic metals. Please don’t toss them out in the trash. They leach into the ground at the landfill.  Many retailers will take your old batteries. They have access to battery recyclers. Places like Office Depot and Radio Shack for example.will happily take your old batteries.

Carpeting- For locations for recycling carpeting please visit for places in your area.

Cell Phones-Like batteries, have toxic metals.The wireless foundation refurbishes old cellphones and provides them to domestic violence victims. Please visit for more information.

Eyeglasses-Most vision centers will take your old glasses. Even if you have plastic frames they are not recyclable. Please also consider visiting

IPods-You  can take your old ipod into an apple store and they will give you 10% off of a new one. They will break it down and reuse parts. This option has to be taken advantage of the day you bring it in, so be prepared to make a new purchase if you choose this option. You can also visit or for a list of places in your area that will recycle the ipod.

Now for the big monster. Old mattresses an box springs- although they are made up of recyclable materials, metal, wood,fabric, etc some cities will not take them at the recycle center. Please visit to find areas in your city that do.

I hope I have provided you with some useful information. Be well and live green.


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