Office Yoga

You can be happier and healthier at work with just a few adjustments.  Find  a quiet place to go and meditate. I suggest using a few minutes of your lunch break. Just a  few minutes before lunch, it may also aid in your digestion. the stress of work can creep up on you quickly and those few moments can mean the difference between a good day and a bad day.

Remember your posture when you are sitting at a desk for long periods of time. Sit with your lower back  positioned against the back of the chair. Adjust your chair so that your body and upper legs  ( thighs) create a 90 – 120 degree angle. Keep both feet flat on the floor.

When using your keyboard keep your elbows to your sides and position your arms at a 90- 120  degree angle. Do not work with your body twisted.Keep your monitor directly in front of you and have the top of your monitor level with your line of sight. Keep in mind that your eyes natural fall to look 15 to 20 degrees below that.

One last thing. Avoid holding the phone in the nape of your neck while speaking,. If possible use the speaker or head phones in order to keep your head upright.

I hope these tips can help your day at the office be more pleasant, Katherine


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