Morning Stretch








A wonderful way to greet the new day!

Morning stretch

Stand straight up with feet together and palms together at chest level as in image #1 above.

Raise your arms up and reach back, arching your back but keeping your elbows and knees straight. This will stretch your entire back, neck and shoulders.  Image 2. Inhale deeply.

Next reach down towards your toes. Make sure you only go as far as comfortable while keeping the legs straight. If you can, bring the palms of your hands down to the floor next to your feet. This is called Yoga Head to Toe pose and is excellent for stretching your hamstrings image #3 above. Exhale.

Now come into forward lunge. To do this, reach back with your left leg as you lunge forward gently. Your left knee will touch the floor. This is a wonderful yoga pose for stretching and opening up your hips. Look up and press forward as you do this image #4 above. Inhale.

Then come into, downward facing dog. Press your heels towards the floor and your head down between your shoulders as in image #5. This pose will stretch your calves, hamstrings and shoulders. It is also great for strengthening your arms and shoulders. Exhale.

From here come into the pose shown in image #6. Here your chin, knees, chest and toes are touching the floor only, while you rest on your palms. Great for upper body strength. Come down nice and slow into this pose if you can. Inhale, then exhale.

Then come into the cobra pose with straight arms image #7. This will give your back and spine a great stretch and strengthen your arms, shoulders and chest. Inhale.

From Cobra Pose come back into Downward Facing Dog. Don’t forget to keep your awareness and attention in the present. Exhale.

Now lunge again, but this time reaching back with your right leg, this will stretch the other hip. Look up and press forward. Image# 9 , Inhale.

From here return to Head to Toe pose image #10. Exhale.

Then reach forward from the hips as you come all the way up and back into back stretch pose. Inhale.

Finally return to the starting posture image #12. Exhale.

Be Well, Katherine


4 thoughts on “Morning Stretch

  1. What a lovely blog you have! I agree that a morning stretch is a nice way to greet the coming day. It gets the blood flowing while keeping your stress level down, a win-win!

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