Yoga are you Alone or with a Group

I practice a variety of yoga styles at home. I prefer it that way. The solitude, the quiet, the ability to be completely relaxed and wear whatever feels comfortable. But, I know a lot of people prefer the social aspect and support associated with a class. What are your feelings? Alone or with a group? What benefits do you receive?

Be Well, Katherine


12 thoughts on “Yoga are you Alone or with a Group

  1. >I don't practice yoga..but I can say I am a "loner" when it comes to my workouts…. like to be "in my thoughts", work through stress…or plan my day … socializing can come later…Have a Great day!

  2. >hmmm well I don't do yoga but I do really like Pilates, which is sort of similar I guess…and I can't imagine doing that in a group! lol I'm too self-conscious.I'm your newest follower, found you through Weekend Blog Hop. Come and visit me if you get the chance :)Tara

  3. The stretching in yoga is very similar to pilates. I tried to find your blog but it doesn’t show up. I hope to see you again. Be Well

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