Benefits Of Using the Yoga Ball

A yoga ball provides support during back bends, hip openers and many restorative poses. You can also use the yoga ball to help build muscle strength and increase flexibility. Adding a yoga ball to your current routine is easy if you follow these simple steps.

Choose the right ball for your height.

A 75 cm ball works for people 6 feet and over,

A 55 cm ball is good for people 5 foot 4 and under

A 65 cm yoga ball works for people in between these heights

Start using the ball by simply sitting on it. Sit on the ball with your back straight, your legs about hip-width apart and your abs tucked in.

This will help you to gain balance and prepares you for more advanced positions. You can use the yoga ball to help support you during difficult positions, (think of it as a gentle cradle).  Be sure to follow the instructions that are provided with your ball.

Most balls come with suggested routines; it will also provide inflation needs, etc. Please don’t buy an inexpensive yoga ball (I don’t mean you have to buy a really expensive one either). You just want one that is thick and strong.

Remind children it is not a toy. Remember to wipe your yoga ball down with a damp cloth after each workout. If it needs a more thorough cleaning (if you use it outside for instance), just use warm, soapy water.

Do not use chemical cleaners (bad for the environment anyway) or abrasives that may scratch the ball and weaken the rubber.  As with any exercise routine, consult your health care provider before you begin, (especially if you are over 35, pregnant or have pre-existing medical conditions.)

Be Well, Katherine


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