What Is A Mantra

A Mantra is a sound, syllable or phrase that you repeat, over and over during your meditation process capable of creating transformative thought. Some people refer to it as a chant or prayer. Whatever you call it you do not need to say it aloud. Or if you prefer, you can just say it to yourself while shutting out other thoughts. Use a word, or a phrase that calms your mind. I prefer to repeat my mantra as I breathe out, exhaling and repeating again with the inhaled breath. I sometimes play soft music also. Nothing distracting.

Pick the yoga posture you prefer, or use no yoga position at all. Just find a comfortable place and relax, clear your mind and begin to feel your body relax as you breathe in and out slowly repeating your mantra. Most last about 3-5 minutes.

Start your day with this process and see how easily you will carry the mantra with you throughout the day.

Remember a mantra is not a wish. It is a state of mind you wish to achieve.

Today I will share my mantra with you it is simply: I am at peace.  Feel free to use this phrase as you meditate.

Be Well, Katherine


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