Chakra Definitions

The Chakra is the center of spiritual power in your  body, in yoga, or any of the centers of spiritual power in the body.The body has seven basic body chakras and a number of minor chakras. These are from the lowest to the highest:
1-The Root Chakra (base chakra)-  is located at the base of the spine /color red
2-The Sacral Chakra(sexual center)-is located at the level of the sacral on the spine/color orange
3-The Personality Chakra( solar plexus) -located on the spine at the level of the solar plexus/color yellow
4-The Heart Chakra (cardiac center)-is located on the level of the breastbone/color green
5-The Expressive Chakra ( throat center) is located on the spine at the level of the throat/color blue
6-The Knowledge Chakra ( third eye) is located between the eyebrows/color indigo
7-The Crown Chakra-is located at the top of the head/color purple
The number of major chakras does vary in some instances;. Hindu yoga has six centers, but the greatest variation is in the minor chakras. In some regimes of therapy ten minor chakras are identified, and these are interconnected with the major chakras. An example of minor chakras is below.
one in the arch of each foot, connected to the first and third chakras
one in each knee joint, connected to the fifth and sixth chakras
one in each palm, connected to the second, third and fourth
chakras one in each elbow, connected to the second and third chakras
one below each shoulder, connected to the third and fifth chakras

chakra necklaceBe Well, Katherine


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